Our First Week With Enzo

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Day 1: Welcome Home!

After an emotional goodbye from the family that took such good care of little Enzo, there was a scary care ride where he cling on to Mum (me) quite hard. It was actually good bonding for us because he seemed to feel safe chilling on my lap when he met the rest of the family.

He loves playing on the couch with us and all of his toys have been a big hit.  Loves all the stuff toys I got him from charity shops, especially Mr. Hedgehog. We played on the couch all night, tested potty training on newspaper, and he napped about 6 times in two hours.

People always tell you that the first night sleeping will be horrible, but Enzo was an absolute champ. We are crate training him for sleeping, so we put him in and after about a minute of soft crying he made himself comfortable and we didn't hear a peep out of him all night. That's my boy.

Day 2: Meeting the Fam

His breeder told us they typically wake up around 6am and sure enough I woke up at 6.30am to him stirring in his crate. I'm a morning person, so getting up early for him really doesn't bother me. It was a morning of playing fetch (he brings the ball back to me and everything!) improving his potty training, and so many moments of, "OMG I can't believe you are ours forever." So far he is cheeky and super sweet. He loves following me around and isn't so timid to explore the house today.

We took him to my family home so my Dad could meet him and Enzo could get used to being there from time to time. He and my Mum's dog Bond were getting closer to playing together but Bond has never known how to play. Taking it a day at a time.

Day 3: Positive Progress

He made two wake up calls for us to take him out to the toilet during the night, but other than that Enzo slept like a baby. We both played with him early morning and he was so happy to see us. When I took him into the lounge he ran around like he owned the place. I was so happy to see it, like he feels right at home! He's also finding his little voice this morning, barking at me when his toy fell off the couch and he wants it, or grizzling as he plays.

Now that it has stopped raining, Enzo can finally explore our backyard. After a few visits and ball throws, he was running around like a little maniac! He was so happy with how much space he had to explore and wanted to go out and tear through the grass throughout the day.

Much to my broken-heart, we had to leave him alone in his crate for an hour or so. Both Steve and I had to go out, but I did everything possible to make him comfy: treat ball, water, comfy bed, newspaper, soft toys, chew toys, my hoodie for a familiar scent, and I even put the TV on so he heard voices. Steve reassured me that he was happy chilling when he got home. My brave boy!

Day 4: Finding his stride 

We are getting more and more into a routine now. I'm getting used to how much he eats, how to keep him entertained, and he has gotten used to spending time in his crate (he goes in there on his own free will.) I've learned how much time he loves spending outside. I honestly can't wait until he's big enough to take to parks because I know he will have so much fun. I'm trying to keep him from chewing up the grass and sticks that might splinter, but we have definitely spent more time outside today.

I was a very proud dog Mum this afternoon when it came to driving to my Mum's house. The last two times someone would hold him in the car, but I was by myself today. I put him in his bed with a harness on so he would be safe and not try climb over to me. Once we were down the road he calmed down and just chilled until we got to my Mum's house. On the ride home after he was so tired from playing that he slept the whole way! So proud.

Day 5: Play Date With Granddad

After I got back from an early CrossFit class, I mulled around and wondered why Enzo was so quiet. When I checked on him in our bedroom his crate was open and I saw that he was all tucked up snoozing next to Steve. It was the cutest sight ever! I have a feeling it will become their new routine now.

My Dad looked after him for me when my Mum and I had to go out to the mall. It's still been a work in progress to get our family dog warmed up to the little puppy. But Enzo has been learning good habits from him and where he stands. He gets so excited to see us when we get home!

Day 6: The Best Companion 

Very chilled Friday with the lil man. Not a peep from him all night and he goes straight outside for a potty trip in the morning. It's a hot day today, but he has found his new favorite nap spot between our arm chair and curtains that keeps him cool.

We did a pizza run to Dominoes and he happily chilled on Steve's lap the whole time. We have a plastic bed for him filled with comfy blankets that he travels in and he's very use to it now. He didn't cry much either when we were eating at the table, so I'm hoping this good behavior will continue.

Day 7: Forever Home 

Enzo has pretty much stopped using newspaper for his toilet breaks. He's gotten so good at just going outside himself or following me when I take him out. Still a few accidents but they are getting few and far between.

It's amazing how fast our little man settled into his new home. We were so worried he would miss his family, but I think he has loved not having to share anymore. And he gets ALLLLL the attention from us. He does test us and see what he can get away with, but at the moment the only problem we have is him is jumping on the coffee table or chewing what he isn't supposed to. Just being persistent with our discipline and our smart little boy should pick it up.

We are so in love and Enzo honestly completes our home now. We have our own cute family and it's been fun so far. I'll be sure to keep you updated and Enzo has his own Instagram page if you wanna see how he grows up! 


Steph x. 

10 Lessons About Puppies I Couldn't Learn From Pinterest

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

 I can't believe we have had Enzo for almost a week already. It felt like forever in the three weeks we had to wait for him to be old enough to come home. Neither of us had taken care of a puppy before so we had no idea of what to expect. Being part-Poodle, he is so smart and is learning so quickly. He settled in better than we imagined, so it's happy days!

Before getting Enzo, I spent A LOT of time on Pinterest reading blogs and getting the best advice for puppies that I could. I already loved this little fella so much and didn't want to do anything wrong. It was always going to be a learning experience, but it's reassuring to get some tips before you dive in.

And BTW, you'll be seeing a lot of his little face around here. 

They will alternate between playing and sleeping every half hour or so. Be ready for bursts of energy at any time. 

Have toys at the ready in case they start chewing something they're not supposed to. Enzo seems to have a fondness for climbing on my back when I'm lying down and chewing my hair and ears. They're easily distracted, so teach them what's okay right from the start. 

They're like toddlers; be ready to not get anything done when they're awake because you'll have to watch their every move. I'm still terrified of Enzo choking or getting stuck somewhere, so I learned on the first night to get things done while he was napping. 

This is why they make the perfect practice if you are thinking about having kids. You'll learn about sacrificing your own time and having a big responsibility on your hands. I'm learning a lot about how Steve and I would operate as parents. So far it's giving me a lot of confidence. 

Every puppy is different and you can't predict how they will be once they arrive home. It's good to do your research and have some knowledge behind you, but take it all with a fresh mind and see what your puppy needs. 

Get your loved ones involved, because help is always needed. Steve had to be a his friend's wrestling match the night we got Enzo and that's when I learned I wouldn't be getting much done. Having someone there so you can shower with the peace of knowing your pup is safe, especially in the first week while you gain confidence, can be a big comfort. 

Have a plan, but go with the flow.

No matter how much you puppy-proof the house, they will ALWAYS find anything that you missed. 

Not all puppy myths are true. He hasn't peed everywhere or destroyed his bed. Chewing everything yes, but he catches on quick when we say no. Obviously it will differ depending on what breed you choose, but not all puppies will be nightmares.

Learn what habits your breeder/previous owner had with them. Night routine, potty training methods, what toys they loved, and any bad habits they have picked up. Consistency is everyone's friend when puppies come home. 

I hope this was helpful to any other pet owners out there, or to anything thinking of getting a puppy. It's definitely been life-changing so far, but in the best ways.

What was the best pet advice you ever received?
Steph x. 

Whose Instagram Stories I'm Watching

Sunday, 11 February 2018

I'm definitely that girl who can spend her whole lunch break watching stories on her phone. I wasn't a fan when Instagram first released their stories, but when I fell out of love with Snapchat I realized what all the hype was about. 

So damn easy to use. 

So addictive to keep watching the next story along. 

And no tacky club scenes like on SnapChat. We keep it classy over here. 

So who's icons do I click on first? 

You may recognize this beauty from the Nick show Victorious. I honestly wasn't a fan of her character on the show, but started following her on Instagram somehow. And she's so cool! A dog lover, vegan foodie, and effortlessly stylish. She posts on stories pretty much everyday and I just love seeing her LA lifestyle. 

Acacia Brinley

Such a flawless girl, with #couplegoals (he proposed at Disney under the fireworks <3 ) and a beautiful daughter. She has been trying to eat less meat and I've really enjoyed seeing what vegetarian recipes she has put together. She makes me want to go through my closet and enjoy a comfy hippie style.

Katrin Davidsdottir

I love keeping up with all the CrossFit athletes on Instagram. I'm always curious to how they're training, what they're eating, and what other athletes they're hanging out with. Yeah Katrin is a total badass in the gym, but she's also a big foodie and LOVES shopping. 

Who doesn't watch Hannah's stories? She's the type of blogger you're stoked is successful. She's funny, stylish, relatable, and man she is awesome at writing. She often share's her favorite products in her stories, and we get glimpses of her beautiful little boy!

Norman Cook 
aka Kaley Kuoco

The girl from The Big Bang Theory that's even cuter in real life. Lots of horses, adorable rescue dogs and banter with her future husband.


Disney adventurer, story pics that look better than my feed every will, and the cutest stories that will brighten your day. Go swoon over the talent of this lovely gal!

There you go guys, just some of my favs that I love to watch. Let me know some of yours in comments so I can check them out!

I've also made an Instagram for our new puppy Enzo if you would like to see him grow :)

Steph x.

New Family Fav: Slow Cooker Mac & Cheese!

Saturday, 10 February 2018

But Steph, don't you try eat healthy and avoid these kinds of carbs?

Well, yeah.

But goddammit I am a foodie through and through, and you will not deny me anything with the word CHEESE in the name.

Sundays in my family are for easy, feel good meals and I've found a new favorite addition to said tradition. So easy to make, less dishes, won't stick together when cold, non-greasy, and tastes so good.
I've adapted my recipe from this one I found on Pinterest. Her one is definitely a lot more American-friendly and makes me wish New Zealand had a bigger obsession with cheese!

You will need:

250g uncooked macaroni 
1/4 cup of butter
1 cup milk
1 sachet vegetable soup 
1 cup grated cheese of your choice 
1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika 
salt & pepper to season 

And now the super-easy way to put it all together: 

Cook your macaroni accornding to the instructions on the packet, preferably al dente because it will cook further in the slow cooker. 

Transfer the pasta into your cooker, then stir in the butter until it has melted completely. 

Add the rest of your ingredients and mix well. Leave it to cook on high for an hour, or until the milk has evaporated and you are happy with the flavor. You can add more cheese/seasoning to suit your taste buds. Make sure you stir it occasionally to keep from sticking. 

Serve alongside your favorite dishes!

This is one of those recipes that you can leave bubbling away while you get other cooking done. It's one less thing to worry about and who doesn't love some comfort food on a Sunday night? Definitely a new favorite in our house.

What recipes have you been trying lately?
Steph x.

Keeping That New Year's Feeling Alive & Kickin'

Sunday, 4 February 2018

I don't know about you guys, but those few days between Christmas and New Years where you feel like you're in total limbo in the lead up to a new fresh year is one of my favorite times. Nothing beats that New Years rush of excitement, panic, and pure joy of having a year of opportunity ahead of you. 

And then February rolls around and you're like "Uh Oh. A whole month in a my goals have taken a back seat already."

But you can take a deep breath and relax at the thought that you are not alone. Life happens, you get busy, and we all forget what was on our minds on January 1st. It's understandable, although this year I wanted to keep that New Year vibe alive so that I don't lose sight of what I set out to do in 2018. 

Yesterday I had one of those moments to myself where I questioned my day job and what was gonna make me happy. I was wracking my brain to think of options when I almost hit myself on the head. Blogging and social media is what I'm passionate about and the only thing that will make me feel satisfied when it comes to careers. I had forgotten my goals for the year already. 


Where ever your passion lies in 2018 and beyond, you should never EVER lose sight of why it set your soul on fire in the first place. Lately I've been having more fun with Instagram stories and trying to post more than one photo a day if that's what I'm feeling. I'll scroll Bloglovin' and Twitter to keep up with the blogging community. See what topics people are writing about, or just find new bloggers to follow. The more I stay involved, the harder I want to work and make my own little blog shine. 


Boring in an office, hella useful for creatives. This is a really great way to stay on top of what goals you have for the week ahead. Keeping an eye on your long term goals of course, but taking things just week by week (or even day by day) to reach what it is you're dreaming of. You can just sit by yourself with a hot beverage and get out one of the many notepads you've been hoarding up (I know I'm not the only one.) Write a few achievable goals for the next week, even if it's just drinking enough water. You can also write what posts will be going up, plan your Instagram, and check what goals you had the week before to see if you actually achieved them. You can start your Monday feeling super motivated and with your goals in the forefront of your mind. 


Anyone else get stressed and turn into a cranky She-Hulk when they didn't go to bed early enough the night before? Yeah, I feel ya. Just remember that you can't conquer the world if you haven't had enough sleep! Same goes for having enough self-love time, or in my introverted case, time to recharge. So so important. 


This was my mantra coming into 2018 and I'm standing by it. It's perfect for no matter what you're doing in life, At work, when you're driving, walking through a busy mall, or chasing your dreams. I always feel positive in the new year and hate when that leaves me. I always want to feel that hopeful no matter how far into the year it is. A positive attitude can work wonders and it needs to be something we practice year round. 


Most of you probably won't know who this wonderful chick is, but in the CrossFit world she is a legend. She's one of the few that's been there from the beginning of the sport, two time Fittest on Earth champion, and after a heat injury a few years ago she made he way back onto the podium in 2017. Total. CrossFit. Goddess.

Fangirling aside, she posted something that I thought was a really awesome idea. I love the thought of having three mini-goals for the day, everyday. For example, three things that would make my day today awesome would be:

Taking the family dog Bond for a walk
Getting my blog organized and feeling proud
Baked potatoes with dinner

I find if you set out to do things that day, that you know feel good, it puts you in the right mindset for the whole day. You make plans, you do things, and you feel awesome for it. I think I'm gonna try this for a week and keep a notebook as I go. It will be like starting your new years every day!


This was a quote I found on my Pinterest travels a few years back and it hit me like a tonne of bricks y'all. I think we all have those moments on reflection where you think to yourself, "I really didn't handle that well, did I?" But it's a reassuring thought that you don't have to have the same attitude you did a second ago. Thought you were being a bit too bossy at work? You can go reassure someone they're doing a good job. Feeling lazy and eating a whole packet of chips? Pick yourself up, watch a Carly Rowena vlog, put your cutest active gear on and go sweat any way you like. I know it's not always the easiest thing to do, but to know that you CAN change and be better is something to never forget.   

I wanna know how you guys stay inspired and what keeps your New Year Feeling going through the year!
Steph x.

Seven Awesome Things That Happened In January

Thursday, 1 February 2018

The Best New Years

Before I met Steve my NY Eve used to be pretty low-key. I'd probably stay up late watching Harry Potter and that would be as exciting as it got. Coming into 2018 was by far one of the best New Years nights that I've ever had. My friend's beautiful dogs were there, lots of delicious food (that seriously saved me from a hangover!) I got very tipsy on one strong margarita and we all had a drunken trip to the park to have a go on the playground. It was the most fun I had had in a long while and I loved it. 

Enzo <3 

It was a goal for January to save the bond for a puppy and continue looking/hoping to hear from a breeder. Never did I think that this dream would come true so early in 2018 and it's made me the happiest girl ever. We got to meet the little guy for some cuddles and completely fell in love. It's also made these last few weeks fun as I try and get everything ready for him. If you would like to read the full story I wrote a post all about it. 

We Finally Got Internet In The House

A small victory I know, but after three months of frustration and about fifty phone calls that Steve had to make, we finally ended up with consistent internet. As a blogger, and millennial, you can imagine my relief the day our modem finally showed up. It meant we got to start 2018 the right way and I could finally dedicate more time to my blog. 

Maze Runner: The Death Cure 

I felt like we had to wait so long for this finale to the series (2 years I think?) and WOW was I impressed! The vibe of the book was there and I love that they did justice to the characters right to the end. It was so exciting, tense, and just had me gripped the whole time. I highly recommend you guys to go watch it. Just make sure you do a mini-marathon of the first two movies first.

We got the exact set of drawers that we wanted for our bedroom. For free!

It's hard when you're setting up a flat from scratch to have every piece of furniture ready. Having a set of drawers was something we had always planned to get, but paying bills, Christmas, etc. meant that we had to put it off and just make do in the meantime.
On New Years Eve when I was at my friends house I noticed that they had a lovely set of retro drawers taking up room in the hallway. I asked about them and she said her parents would love to see them gone and would probably end up getting dumped. Luckily I asked because she kindly let us have them and everyone was happy! They're exactly like ones I've seen for sale and complete our room now.

Back to training

As much as getting up at 5am everyday is a drag and my least favorite part of the day, it has felt great to get back into my gym and start working on some goals. I really missed CrossFit through the holidays when I couldn't make it in and I had hoped my fitness wouldn't have suffered too much having a break. I jumped straight back in and it felt good! I even managed a PR on my power snatch lift, so I feel like I'm only going to get better. Happy to be back with my morning crew and starting the year right.

Mini-Golf Date <3

My wonderful Steve surprised me with a trip to the new Christchurch-themed mini golf in town. It was so fun and I managed to win! Haven't played in years but it was just what I needed. Afterwards we even got ice cream and mini doughnuts to make the afternoon perfect.

Happy February everyone! I hope January was awesome for you. Can we all breathe a sigh of relief now that the fabulous Hannah Gale has made her return to the blogging world? : )

What awesome things happened for you in Jan?

Steph x.

Etsy Items For Dog Lovers!

Sunday, 28 January 2018

It's been a rather impromptu post today, but one that seems to have cheered me up. I lost a whole post that I had written out and it had taken me days to do so. Oh well, on wards and up wards. I was having fun looking at Etsy for the cutest dog items for our new puppy and thought it would be a good idea to share my favorite finds. Sometime's it's more fun shopping for your pet anyway ;) 

Everything in this collection is absolutely beautiful and it's hard to pick a favorite print. They also make dog beds, leads, and collars. These would be something really special to have. It would definitely make you want to take your pooch out to show off how good they look in it. 

Because it doesn't get more relatable than this! I could definitely rock this while out walking my dog. They also have a cat version if you are so inclined. 

I so love the style of these and the customization is awesome. You can choose silver or copper, what to write on the back, and also what small symbols will go around the name. This might just be my top pick for Enzo's name tag. 

I am definitely going to need one of these! I know they're a little cheesy, but I'm gonna need a cool hook for his lead anyway, right? The only problem is that shipping to NZ will cost just as much as the purchase, so I might use it as inspiration for my own DIY project. 

This would make a perfect present for my Mum, since her dog Bond is everything to her. You can choose from a couple of different designs, but I thought this one was particularly beautiful. 

I thought this was a really cute way to show your love of dogs. The pink color is so pretty (you can also get blue, purple, green, grey, black, dark blue, and aqua.) Perfect for those sunny walks in the park, with or without a dog. 

I've seen these online before I secretly really want one. It would just be such a cute little reminder of your four-legged friend you'll be going home to see. 

Some pretty cute stuff, huh? These would definitely make great gifts to anyone who's obsessed with dogs. I've definitely got a few in mind for some friends and family. Plus I love supporting small businesses! 

Hope you enjoyed this shorter post today. I was going to have a break, but I'm glad I kept my creative juices going and put something together. 
What are your fav items?
Steph x.